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General Networking and Security

Course Description

The course offers a hands-on learning experience with an emphasis on General Networking. The main objective of this course is to provide you with a basic understanding of computer network technologies and concepts. You will learn how to apply all these skills in real world situations.
We are going to learn about:

  • Firewall

A firewall is a software program or piece of hardware that helps screen out hackers, viruses, and worms that try to reach your computer over the Internet. If you can’t start Windows Firewall or you are getting an error, use our free tool to diagnose and fix problems.

  • Routers

A router is a device that forwards data packets along networks. A router is connected to at least two networks, commonly two LANs or WANs or a LAN and its ISP’s network. Routers are located at gateways, the places where two or more networks connect.

Routers use headers and forwarding tables to determine the best path for forwarding the packets, and they use protocols such as ICMP to communicate with each other and configure the best route between any two hosts.
Routers analyze the data being sent over a network, change how it is packaged, and send it to another network, or over a different type of network. They connect your business to the outside world, protect your information from security threats, and can even decide which computers get priority over others.
  • Depending on your business and your networking plans, you can choose from routers that include different capabilities. These can include networking basics such as:
Firewall: Specialized software that examines incoming data and protects your business network against attacks
Virtual Private Network (VPN): A way to allow remote employees to safely access your network remotely
IP Phone network : Combine your company’s computer and telephone network, using voice and conferencing technology, to simplify and unify your communications
We will learn the elementary networking concepts like:
  • Why do we need networks?
  • Introduction to the world of Cisco
  • How to start troubleshooting a home network
  • Wireless issues
The course is a perfect starting point before going for other advanced courses 

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