Udemy – GCSE chemistry AQA C1 [100% off]

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Course Description

This course is a complete study and revision guide to the AQA GCSE Chemistry C1 course.

You Can Learn and Master Chemistry to Ensure Your Success in the GCSE Exam.

  • Review the complete content of the GCSE AQA C1 Core Chemistry course.
  • Practise exam questions to gain competence and confidence.
  • Test knowledge and understanding using the quizzes that follow each lecture.
  • Prepare with confidence for the final GCSE exam.

I’ve written this course to help students I teach prepare for the GCSE exam and I’d now like any student to benefit from it.

This course covers the following topics in the AQA C1 specification; 1. Fundamental Ideas, 2. Rocks, 3. Metals, 4. Crude oil and fuels, 5 Substances from crude oil, 6. Plant oils and 7. The Earth.

By following the lectures you will complete the entire AQA C1 syllabus and will be ready to sit the exam.

I’ve used my experience as an Educational Consultant, a Senior Leader, a Head of Department and an Exam Marker to ensure you get a high quality, course that will maximise your Grade.

At your fingertips you will have a wide range of tips, tricks and strategies that will lower your stress levels and make your learning fun.

How to use this course.

I have recorded over 30 lectures that explain the material of the Chemistry specification. Each teaching lecture is followed by a short quiz that you can use to check your understanding. I’ve also included practice questions you can download and I show how to work through them in video lectures. You’ll see how to approach the questions and gain full marks when doing them.

Each lecture has clear objectives (using words like, name, describe, explain) to help you know what you are trying to learn. I’ve used ideas from Bloom’s Taxonomy, Solo Learning, Assessment for Learning and Visible Learning to develop these. At the end of each lecture you will see that content of the specification. This is really important as any exam question you will meet will have to be based on this. The lectures are short but are crammed with information. Watch them as many times as you like and pause them when you need. You can easily watch them whilst you are waiting for a bus or train, or even during commercial breaks in your favourite TV programme! I’ve designed them so you can even use a smartphone or small tablet to view them. Happy Learning!


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