Udemy – Funding Your Startup:Anatomy of Term Sheet for Entrepreneur [100% off]Worth $99!

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Course Description

Have an amazing idea for a company but need to raise money? Do you know what a Term sheet, liquidation preferences, participation rights are? How about the difference between cumulative and non-cumulative dividends or common and preferred stock? If not, you’ve come to the right place. In my course Funding Your Startup: Anatomy of a Term Sheet I cover everything from the lingo to the financial analysis of negotiating a financing deal with an institutional investor.

Become a Master Negotiator!

  1. Know the Language of the Term Sheet
  2. Calculate an Investor’s Conversion Point
  3. Analyze Different Deals and Pick the Best One for Your Company
  4. Learn What a Potential Investor is Looking For
  5. Analyze and Choose the Best Investors!

Maybe you’re just starting your company or you’re in the process of raising $10 million for your amazing app, either way you need to know the insights and analysis to get the best deal! This course combines spreadsheets and lectures to provide you an in-depth look at how different deal points can affect your bottom line. Students will be able to download the corresponding materials and follow along as I break down advanced terminology and illuminate how they translate into the real world. I’m an entrepreneur who loves helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, getting funding is one step along that path!


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