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Course Description

Hello and welcome to the “Fundamentals of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy” course. In this course I share the basics or fundamentals as I like to call them, that need to be in place for any marketing strategy, with a focus on “online”, to have a chance for success. These are the underpinnings.

Whether you’re brand new to online marketing or have been at it for a while and still struggling or not experiencing the level of success you were aiming for, I believe this course will bring you much clarity.

The course starts out with a summary of the six major challenges that online marketers of all shapes, sizes and experience levels encounter, the implications and how not to get trapped. You don’t want to miss these.

Next I cover the two questions (the why and the what) that need to be answered for any marketing plan to have a chance of succeeding. These end up being the emotion behind what you do and provide you with the staying power.

Special emphasis will be placed on the why, as this will be what carries you through some of the bumps in your own journey.

Following we’ll dive into:

  • The fundamentals that are the foundation of any sound marketing plan
  • Looking at marketing as a system and the major components of that system
  • The fundamentals that we need to take into consideration when building our website or, “the window into you business” as I like to call it
  • What’s driving today’s crazy pace, how to thrive in it and what’s ahead

Each Section is presented through the use of a Mindmap, a copy of which I make available as a PDF at the end of each section.

And lastly I’ve included a worksheet at the end of the course aimed at helping you not only recall some of the key points of the course but, it’ll serve as a good foundation for your own online marketing business or campaign.

It’s my pleasure to share this information with you and I trust you’ll extract much value out of the course and look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know how I can empower you for your own journey.


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