Udemy – Fun With Photography – A Course For Kids! [100% off]

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Fun With Photography - A Course For Kids!

Course Description

A fun photography course where kids will learn to create amazing photographs. Beginning with a flash- back through photo history. Then explore how to choose the best settings on their camera. Kids will also discover how to compose and creative unique images using camera angles and the zoom.

This Lively, Informative, and Up-To-Date Course Designed for Kids Between 7 and 12, Will Inspire Them to Create Amazing Photographs With A Digital Camera, Tablet or Camera Phone.

  • Discover how photography changed the world
  • Learn to use common camera icons: such as portrait, landscape, and motion
  • Practice creating sharp in focus photographs
  • Create amazing photographs by varying angles
  • Recognize technical photography terms and understand their meanings
  • Select the best resolution on your camera
  • Express your emotions and your feeling with your photographs

Imagine, Learn & Create

An entertaining and easy to understand digital photography course where, children will explore new ideas and complete practice activities to develop their creative photography skills

Content and Overview

Do you know a child who loves photography, but you lack the creative skills or technical knowledge to explain the camera settings?Why not learn from a fun – loving animated photography expert?

A captivating beginner’s photography course that is designed for kids. This course is perfect for the child who loves to take photographs, or would just like to learn. The course was developed with a mixture of engaging animation, captivating graphics, and inspirational digital photography to entertain while learning. Kids will create amazing photographs, explore their camera settings, and discover photo history. In addition, I‘ll challenge them with questions and give them activities to motivate and practice their new skills. There are also colorful fun printable certificates at the end of each section to acknowledge their progress and accomplishments. By the end of the course, their photographs will scream WOW! And they will be on their way to becoming an awesome photographer.


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