Udemy – Freelance with Elance: How YOU Can Make $2000+ Per Client [100% off] Worth $129

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If you’ve ever hit your head against making a healthy income on Elance and working with awesome clients, then this course is for you! In it you’ll learn that Elance success is all about how to market yourself so you leave a positive & memorable impression on the client. You’ll also learn how to stay away from horrible clients & work only for the best ones who can pay your full market rates.
We’ll go through key areas such as:
  • How to find your Ideal Client & pitch to them
  • The science behind Why People Say “YES” & how to use that to differentiate your proposals
  • How to become the Most Favored Freelancer so that clients choose you by instinct
  • Practical examples of my own Winning Proposals with awesome feedback
  • How to write proposals based on one of the 4 Proposal Templates
  • How to stop hustling after clients & instead make them come to you
  • How to always charge your Market Rate Prices & not get bullied by low-balling clients
  • 4 Proposal Templates (with sample templates filled out)
  • Buyer Persona Development Template & Questionnaire
  • Pre-Bidding Checklist to Identify your Ideal Buyers & Projects
  • Proposal Writing Checklist
  1. BUILD A BUYER PERSONA for your Ideal Client
  2. SHORTLIST 3 PERFECT PROJECTS according to buyer & project checklists
  3. WRITE A WINNING PROPOSAL & share it with the course community for feedback
STOP wasting your time on Elance writing bid after bid & getting rejected
STOP feeling bad working with horrible low-paying clients
STOP hustling for clients on a daily/weekly basis
START working smarter, not harder by identifying who on Elance you really want to work with
START wowing your Ideal Client with unique insights into what will make them say yes to you
START charging what you’re worth & making at least $1000/month
START enjoying the freedom and flexibility of Elancing 

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