Udemy – Forex Trading: Top 5 Secrets on Forex (Forex Robot Included) [100% off] Worth $297!!

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Forex Trading: Top 5 Secrets on Forex (Forex Robot Included)

Forex Trading: Top 5 Secrets on Forex (Forex Robot Included)

Course Description


With the Course You’ll Get FREE Famous Profitable Forex Robot – FTSystem!

In this Udemy course you’ll be able to download and install for FREE the “core” of one of the most profitable automated trading systems (Forex Robot) – FTSystem, which is one of the TOP-10 systems within one of the investment banks that I worked for. You will not only have a technological solution developed by professionals but start earning right mow!

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Andrew Minin. I’ve been working as a professional currency dealer and financial engineer for the largest American and European investment banks for over ten years and you know what… I am astounded by incompetence of the people who run lectures, write books, blogs, create websites, or forums, regarding trading on Forex or other financial markets…

First of all, there’s too much information even in the best textbooks about trading…

For example, In Colby’s “The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators”. There’s 834 pages, 127 indicators (and those are just classical!). And what to use still remains a mystery…

Secondly, for those who studying FOREX trading, the market behavior remains unclear…

For instance, do you really know what to do or what is going to happen if US GDP reduce by 5%?

  • USD shall go down because of US economy weakness?
  • Dollar value shall rise because investors will go out from securities to cash?
  • Nothing will happen, because investors have discounted the information in advance… Do you know the exact answer?

Why one respectable analyst tells you one thing, and another one speaks differently?

And the most important question is: “What do you have to do?”

Third, you have probably traded on FOREX for some time but haven’t become rich yet…

You’re to told to find your own strategy… That you have to go on searching, learning, practicing…

But it’s merely meets the interests of companies which fund this business… To maintain your interest in that, to develop discussions on various forums speculating around same questions from different points of view… In order to benefit from those books sales… And simply because they do not know how to start earning on the financial markets.

In this Udemy course “Forex Trading: Top 5 Secrets on Forex” I’ll tell you secrets of trading on financial markets including FOREX. So that you won’t have to dig through dozens of books, websites and forums seeking the answer… To hesitate on what positions to open, how to interpret information and whom of the analysts to trust, to constantly look for the “Holy Grail”.

After I tell you the 5th secret, you’ll have a chance to get a detailed video that describes step-by-step how to implement everything I tell you in your MetaTrader 4 terminal. As well as you’ll have a chance to download and install a profitable trading system to try all that for real


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