Udemy – Forex Robots: Use MT4 Strategy Tester Like A Forex ProTrader [100% off]

Learn how to backtest & optimize Forex Robots!
This course assumes no prior Forex or MetaTrader 4 knowledge. All you need – is a passion for learning and a desire to be successful! 
We will start of by Installing MetaTrader 4 and opening a practice trading account. I will show you a smart way how to open an Unlimited Free Demo Account without giving away any personal details.
You will learn how to navigate the Strategy Tester and perform backtests in the MT4 trading platform. Also, I will show you how to interpret the Strategy Tester report. After this course you will be very comfortable with the term Profit Factor and Expected Payoff. 
We will discuss the theory behind backtesting, and you will quickly grasp the concepts of modelling quality, expert properties, forward tests, etc. I will show you how to save time on testing & optimization through understanding specifics of Forex Robots. 
Finally, at the end of this section we will talk about optimization. I will give you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to run the optimization you want. 
And if you like this course, I would encourage you to consider the Premium extended version called “Testing & Optimization for Success” (will be published soon) 

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