Udemy – Force your Soul Mate to find you and find lasting true love [100% off]

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Course Description

Once you’ve created the perfect self hypnosis audio after following the steps in this course, listen to it every night for 30 days.

You can listen with or without headphones. Although if you use binaural beats, you really do need headphones. There’s a huge amount of information about binaural beats in this course including:

  • What a binaural beat, or brainwave entrainment, is
  • How to create binaural beats for free
  • How to binaural beats effectively
  • What frequencies to use to create the perfect binaural beat for the type of brainwave entrainment you desire

With no effort at all, after 30 days, you’ll find that:

  • You’ll build strong, lasting relationships
  • The relationships you have are much deeper
  • You’ll attract new people into your life and create strong bonds with them


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