Udemy – Financial Statements 101: How to read a Balance Sheet [100% off]


Millions of people around the world, just like you and me are somehow involved in reading financial numbers.
Be it your business, your personal finance or your savings, understanding of finance is now an essential tool for survival and informed decision making.
Interestingly, the single biggest skill in life that could make or break your financial success is not taught in school.
Many entrepreneurs run businesses without having a clue on how to read a balance sheet. Business owners are and continue to remain dangerously ignorant of their numbers and the tax laws.
  • A recent study showed that 55% of small business owners did not review their monthly balance sheets, because they did not understand them.
  • Another survey finds that 83% of small businesses face a serious financial literacy gap.
  • The survey also found that the single reason why most small businesses didn’t succeed was the lack of financial literacy skills needed to navigate the obstacles.
This course reveals exactly how you overcome these issues by following thesimple steps and tips we give in this course!
There really is nothing more to do!

As a student of this course, you will even get my help to read and get advice on your business’ (or stock’s) balance sheet!

You can be anywhere in the world and read any sort of financial information– you’ll need a few hours to understand what ‘debits’, ‘credits’, ‘balance sheets’ etc. actually mean!

At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Understand the business section of any newspaper or magazine, if you don’t do so already.
  • Understand the three main financial statements, viz. Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash flow and how they are different from each other.
  • Read these financial reports and interpret what the numbers really mean.
  • Learn easy-to-use tools to understand and spot ‘red flags‘ in these financials statements
  • Throw questions on your financial reports that your accountant has never been asked before!

Just follow the simple steps and tips that we reveal.The course will continue to grow and grow with new materials, new examples and new case studies being added every week!

About this course:
  • Step-by-Step approach to reading financial statements
  • Downloadable case studies and material
  • Full lifetime access to this course and course material
  • FREE access to me by e-mail for any questions or concerns
  • Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee by Udemy
So, why are you waiting? Join me in learning how financial statements are made and what they mean!
Remember, for every minute that you are waiting, somebody else is getting ahead of you!

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