Udemy – Financial Bootcamp for Engaged Couples [100% off] Worth $197!

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Financial Bootcamp for Engaged Couples

Course Description

One of the top reasons people get divorced is because of money. Now that you are engaged, money seems to become a “taboo” topic beyond what you will pay for the wedding, cake and even the reception. You don’t realize you are in a battle for your marriage until after you say “I Do” and things begin to happen with your finances.

You have stepped up to the plate to ensure your marriage will succeed because of money communication instead of fail.

Get ready to go deep into your financial habits, beliefs and values as you approach this course.

This course will equip you with:

  • Knowing the importance of your words
  • Communications Styles and what’s needed to make a Communications Agreement
  • Challenging you to discover who you are when it comes to finances
  • Assessing the type of financial account you should have in your marriage (whether it is a joint or separate account)
  • Delving into the topic of credit, what the purpose of credit is, how to order your credit report and much more.

This course is comprised of video, audio, downloadable documents and people watching activities to help you know who you are when it comes to money, money management and who you are with another person.

This bootcamp course will be of great value based on this is a topic many are afraid to discuss. You will feel empowered knowing you can talk about money, formulate a game plan with the one you plan to marry as well as establish financial goals and plan long term for the success of your money and marriage.


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