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Course Description


Film School Hacks: How to Shoot & Market Your 1st Indie Film is a course that takes you into real world case studies on how three award winning films were shoot, marketed and distributed.

This collection of revenge films by international award winning writer/director Alex Ferrari, founder of Indie Film Hustle, exploded onto the indie film scene with his break-through film BROKEN.

Shot on a budget of just $8000 and boasting over 100 visual FX shots, BROKEN became an instant indie film classic. He went on to sell close to $100,000 in DVDs by self distributing BROKEN.

He followed up BROKEN with the sweet and spicy film CYN, followed by the adrenalin filled Red Princess Blues (Starring Academy Award® Nominee Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down), Rachel Grant (James Bond 007).

These films have screened in over 500 international film festivals and have won countless awards around the world. The critics agree:

“BROKEN is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques…effective and professional. Looking forward to BROKEN: The Feature.” – Roger Ebert (Chicago SunTimes)

Included in this collection is over 6 hours of a guerrilla indie film school (over 50 videos). L&B goes through pre-production, production, post production and what to do after your done shooting your indie film. The Ultimate Indie Filmmaker’s Collection.

The course includes:

8 Commentary Tracks covering:

  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Visual Effects
  • Music Score/Sound Design
  • Cast and Crew
  • Film Geeks Unite


  • Storyboards: The ENTIRE Collection
  • Storyboards: Comparison with Final Shots
  • Concept Art / Location Comparison
  • Costume Design Gallery
  • Rehearsal Comparison with Final Scene
  • Blocking Action in a Scene
  • Evolution of an Action Sequence
  • A Director’s Best Friend – Finding Your Shot
  • Casting an Indie Film
  • Designing a Cinematic World


  • Production: Recipe: “How to Make a Guacamole Gun”
  • Special Effects Make-up Breakdown
  • Indie Film Stunt School
  • How to Get Pro Looking Guns with Little or No $$$
  • Tips on Producing an Indie Film
  • Fly on the Wall: Shooting BROKEN
  • Breaking Down Stunts: RPB
  • Fight Sequence Breakdown: RPB
  • Black Arts: Practical Effects


  • Color Correction Comparison
  • Visual Effects Breakdowns
  • Title Sequence Breakdown
  • Visual Effects in Indie Film
  • Cinematography in Indie Film
  • Sound Design/Composing in Indie Film


  • After the Short: The Making of BROKEN
  • Marketing: Promoting a Short Film
  • How to Design a Film Website
  • Breaking Down the Marketing: BROKEN
  • Breaking Down the Marketing: CYN
  • Breaking Down the Marketing: Red Princess Blues

Also interviews, behind the scenes, and much more.


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