Udemy – Fear Proofing for Entrepreneurs [100% off] Worth $297!!

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Course Description

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to be one? Or just start a small business on the side?

Being an entrepreneur forces you to confront some of the biggest fears you have. If you never overcome these fears, they will hold you back at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Fear number one is fear of failure. Fear of losing everything and not having a job or anything to fall back on. Fear number two is fear of meeting new people. In this course you’ll face both fears head on through an experiential project.

You’ll learn how I went on my own fear proofing journey several years ago, and the various steps I took along the way as well as the strategies that helped me succeed.

You’ll learn how to build a small camper van, which you will live in for a month, to get the experience of what it is like to live homelessly for a month while traveling. This experience will help you eliminate your fears of failure and losing everything because you’ll learn that you can survive, be productive and feel fulfilled with almost nothing.

You’ll also be reliant on other people in the new towns and cities you visit to learn where to go and what to do. You’ll be forced to get comfortable talking with strangers and getting help. When you go back to your business, you will see everything in a new light. You’ll feel more comfortable picking up the phone and calling people, sending emails to people you want to meet and getting help from strangers when you need it.

Business is a game, take this course so you can play the game without anything holding you back.


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