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Course Description

Welcome to the Retargeting Revolution!

I have a question for you..

Are you currently using a retargeting pixel on any of your websites? blogs? capture pages? sales pages? etc?

If the answer is NO, you will want to sprint to the top of this page right now and buy this course because you may be losing money on every visitor that hits your website if you aren’t retargeting them. It’s highly important to make sure that you have at least a Facebook Retargeting ads pixel installed on your page today.

Retargeting is super important because it’s just so many extra sales you’re going to get at such a low cost per conversion you cannot ignore it. You need to create a custom audience of clickers.

You should be running retargeting ads as soon as your campaign’s are profitable and sales are starting to come in without a doubt. Even if it’s a small audience, I like to put the retargeting at $5 per day and just let it slowly run. You’re going to pick up lots of extra sales this way.


This has to be the secret source that makes facebook marketing so very special. I’m going to show you how facebook retargeting can supercharge your marketing, build your reputation and increase your sales.

Retargeting enables you to create audiences that you can market to again once they have takes a specific action. This is a great way to mop up sales or to market to people in a different way in order to get them on board.

The possibilities are endless when you have a retargeting pixel on your side.

In this course not only will give you a chance to reintroduce your offer back to your target market so that you can increase conversions at a much cheaper Facebook advertising cost, but you will have a chance to consistently provide value to your hot market of people who are already familiar with your brand specifically.

If you are practicing SEO, you’ll notice huge benefits from both a retargeting standpoint… and higher organic search rankings if you implement these strategies in this course.

Retargeting is priceless. To have the ability to know exactly who has come to your page and produce specific retargeted ads to just that audience is incredible and if used correctly can really boost your sales and lead generation.

I want to share the secrets, and simple strategies that I learned in order to save you the countless amount of hours, effort and mistakes that I repetitively made. So I have compiled them in this course so that you can see the same results with your Business!

I have also included PDF versions of the slides these techniques super easy for easy future reference.

I will also personally respond to all questions and queries (and even provide my personal email address!) so that you can implement these simple strategies in a fool-proof way.

You get lifetime access including new lectures every month!

Four reasons to take this course right now!

  1. You get lifetime access including new lectures every month!
  2. You get to ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoughtfully!
  3. Everything in this course is original and detailed. This course has a honest purpose to teach with the simple way of what is retargeting and how to use it on your marketing. I will provide updates and any news about retargeting so our students go deeper and deeper while they keeped inform about any changes on the retargeting field.
  4. Including Case study which shows step by step how I generate thousands sales using top Facebook retargeting strategies.

Retargeting has brought me a lot of profit and my goal is to teach my students step by step while achieving higher earnings and more experience with my case studies. My team’s mission is to guide you to reach the maximum for your business with guide’s updates and full support life time.


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