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Facebook Marketing

Course Description

Facebook Marketing Made Easy

Facebook Marketing is rapidly gaining strength as this internet giant continues to grow.

Many internet marketers are developing strategies that use memberships of existing communities as an abundant source of clients for their products and services.

The big question is – how to turn Facebook users into website visitors and possible buyers?

This course basically teaches the strategy that I successfully use to market my own product (blues guitar lessons) on Facebook but can equally be used to promote and sell affiliate products from the Clickbank market place.

In this course you will learn:

  • How To create an appealing, working Facebook Fan Page – essential for any strategy
  • How to find the audience for your products
  • How to identify and join niche Facebook groups interested in your products
  • How to make sure your group postings stay fresh
  • How to automate the whole process

I regularly earn between $500 – $800 per month on Facebook using the exact strategy demonstrated in the course (see screen shots in course promotional video).

Please note: This is not a theoretical approach that MAY work, but a verified strategy for making money on Facebook. You will learn step-by-step by literally looking over my shoulder as I build a Facebook Fan Page, add content, and post on Facebook Groups.

The course is perfect for beginners and people wanting to hit the ground running. This Facebook strategy works, and in it’s basic form costs nothing except time – great for starting out!

An example tool that can be used to automate the whole process is discussed, with important guidelines for correct usage.


  1. How to create the perfect Facebook video ad.
  2. Detailed explanation – how to get cheap likes to your Facebook Fan Page

More Goodies!

There’s even a section covering Youtube video marketing to further increase your reach. As you may know,Facebook is rapidly overtaking Youtube as far as views is concerned, and I recommend uploading video for your Facebook promotions, rather than just using Youtube video.

Why? Well it stands to reason that eventually Facebook will start to monetize video and that the search algorithms will behave (probably) in the same way as Youtube does now, so it pays to be ready!

Facebook For The Future

Marketers are trying hard to keep pace with any changes made to the Facebook platform, and with this in mind, the techniques taught in this course don’t rely on any sensitive rules tat might change from time to time – it’s future proof!

When there are any changes to basic actions, such as posting on Facebook Groups for example, the course will be updated as soon as is possible.

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