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Create great spreadsheets on your own. Fast!
  • Correctly use Excel
  • Boost your career
  • Save time
  • Top Excel tips from the professionals
  • Avoid disastrous error
LATEST: Course Updated For February 2015
I’m Brigid and I’m the brains behind this course. Why have I developed it?
Because I keep seeing spreadsheets that are either wrong or setup really badly.
Over and over again. And it shouldn’t be that hard! I’ve developed a huge number of techniques over my years of using Excel that are easy to use if you know about them. What are they? That’s what the course is all about. Techniques, tips, secrets and great ways to use Excel right. It’s where I get to give you fantastic tools and ways to use Excel right and avoid those common, common pitfalls that even the most experienced Excel user seems to fall into. 
It’s a cool course. People love it. I know it’s only about spreadsheets, but Excel can do so many fabulous things if you use it right. But so many terrible things if you use it wrong!!
Did you know?
  • In a recent survey it was found that “80% of spreadsheets contain significant errors” 80%– that’s scarily high!
!! Please take action now !!
Sign up for this course. It will empower you with the knowledge and learning so you can use Excel correctly. Avoid those huge Excel errors by simply investing a few hours of your time in this most highly rated and leading course on using Excel the correct way. I want to see great spreadsheets, not bad ones! This course gives you all my secrets and tips on how to do this in a really smart way.
It’s simple. Sign up now.
I’ve taught this course for large corporates, small businesses, individuals, for people of all ages and all types. Sometimes in a classroom, sometimes online. The common theme – everyone has come out raving about the course! 
“Excellent insights, huge value” John
“A must do course. Highly recommended for anyone who uses spreadsheets. It’s given my career a huge boost.” Sue
Yes, the course costs you to take it. Some people get their business to pay. Some people pay for it themselves. It costs to buy the course and it takes you time to do the course. But the investment is tiny compared to the value you get in learning how to develop Excel in a way that gives you RIGHT answers. The embarrassment and cost when Excel is used wrong is terrible. I cringe at some of the examples I’ve seen (I’ve consulted for some of the very best organisations, and their people still get things wrong). In every case, people are begging to take this course. When they do. They get things right.
The cost. A mere $49.
Over and over again, people have told me how their skills and careers have just taken off after taking this course. Do you want to take action and learn?
Limited time offer
And another great reason. For a limited time I’ve decided to make this course available not for $99 but for only $49.
Why have I done this?
  • It comes back to having seen far too many spreadsheets that give the wrong answer (result: wasted time, embarrassment, terrible decisions). I want you to create wonderful, problem solving spreadsheets that create value and boost careers. At only $49 the course is a steal.
  • Hundreds of other professionals have boosted their learning by investing in themselves. Would you like to join them?
“The course tutor was fabulous and taught me things that would have taken me years to figure out myself…. an excellent course to take”
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It’s simple and easy. It uses leading edge eLearning tools to teach you everything you need to know. Fast. 
Can you afford not to? The cost of getting it wrong is huge
Take Action! Click on “Take This Course” easily located near the top of your screen. Get learning and see you on the inside for some great discussions!
The Course Brains
Business and spreadsheet modeler
Management consultant and training expert.
P.S. Why is the course on Udemy? I’m English, have worked in Europe, America, Australia, Asia and now live in my favourite country, New Zealand. Since my students come from all over the world, I’ve found the very best site to run the course on. That’s why the course is on Udemy. It’s a great way for you to learn. Get yourself started now…..! Have fun! 

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