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Updated on March 7th
“We took this course, organized our first event and 35 persons paid to assist“. – Founders of YaT
Event planning course is a proven system that’s been used by over 800 students, in 11 countries and tested in more than 20 industries. This is the first time it comes online.

Simple answer. This course will show you how to plan, promote and sell an event. Process explained to the details.

Event planning course will show you a road from A to Z.  

A ………… B …………………………………………………… Z
A – Zero experience in event planning
B – Organized some events, but each of them was a painful experience
Z – FINISH. You are celebrating professionally organized event

Want to plan and organize an event from scratch and understand a whole process while doing it?
Do you want to make your own business in event planning industry?

This course will teach you how to plan one event to the detail and will show you at least 10 tactics on how to sell your event, even before planning it.

Event planning course consists of 3 important modules:
First module:
Is going to teach you how to plan and organize almost any type of an event. It will get you through the whole process of event planning. It will show you clear steps, it provides templates and will teach you how to use useful online and offline tools

Second module
Is connected with the promotion of the course. Your event is real if your guests are there. This module will show you how to promote and sell your event, by using proven marketing techniques. Proven – means that our team sold one event with the exact steps.

Third module
Will show you how I have launched various businesses in the event industry, how I have sold all events and how you can do the same. This module is going to be proof that each tip, tutorial and technique from this course works.

I have received many interesting questions and tried to summarize them in this frequently asked questions section:

This one is number 1: “Is this course works for me?”

But before I get to the questions, let me quickly go over 6 people this event planning course is designed for:
1. If you would like to run a business which is going to create and sell events, this course will show you how to plan an event to the detail, how to market it and how to sell it

2. If you would like to organize meetings, parties, fundraisers, camps, concerts, weddings, forums, product launches, retreats or many other types of gatherings Event planning course will teach you how to do it by using simple examples, new tools and prepared templates ready to be used
3. If you want to organize any type of gathering which involves from 1 to 800+ guests, you’ll receive clear steps to follow while understanding a whole process
4. If you are small business owner who would like to sell own product, this course will teach you how to create an event, bring people and have an opportunity to sell the product 
5. People who are interested in getting a job as an event planner
6. Anyone interested in planning events part-time to earn money
If your question is: “I’m coming from a hard to understand /weird/ boring niche, so will Event planning course work for me?”
Than I would answer you like this:
Event planning course is a proven system that’s been used by over 800 students, in 11 countries and tested in more than 20 industries.
Even artisans who had difficulties to sell own products, completed this course, created open air markets and fairs and started selling own stuff. Our students organized 10 days training courses, made concerts and various camps.
Do not forget:
Event planning course comes with Udemy’s 30-day guarantee. That means you can try the program today risk-free. If you find that it’s not a good fit for you or your business, simply get your money back.
Our comprehensive and professional event planning courses are structured around videos, well-designed lessons, guides, templates and action steps.
After enrolling in this course, you will be able to access video content, course guides, lesson texts, templates and action steps.
This course is interactive. After the each tutorial and important lesson, you can follow clear action steps which are going to turn your idea to organize one event into reality.
“Can I enroll in Event planning course later this year?”
Of course. This course will be online on this link and you may join it when you feel ready.
Over the last 3 months, I’ve added new and valuable lectures to the course. And I plan on adding even more soon.
With that added value comes a higher price. It means that you can invest in the course today and have lifetime upgrades at no extra cost to you. However, you may enroll in the course later this year at higher price, of course. I am sure that both options should be fine for you, as you will need to follow the steps from the course and after organizing first event, you will return this investment and earn a salary.
During the course, you can send me a message in case you have any questions.

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