Udemy – Etsy stores complete marketing and sales strategy guide [100% off]

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Course Description

Features the most complete and best course on sales and marketing on etsy


About this course

Ultimate Etsy stores marketing and sales strategy guide. This course will teach you how to create listings that sell, how to use social media to boost sales and taking marketing to the next level. With Etsy you can either market your own shop or pay them to market you. To create this course we combined the best Udemy marketing experts Sergey and Alex to take your selling to the next level.

What we did is study some of the best sellers on Etsy and created a course that will take your selling to the next level. After taking this course you should be able to get ideas what product to sell on etsy, how to creating an attractive listing and where to market your etsy shop. To get you started you will get 40 free listings, each listing on etsy costs 20 cents enrolling in this course saves you $8 in listing fees.

Class highlights….

40 Free listings on Etsy

Complete sales guide to etsy

Social media marketing strategies

Dominate twitter and facebook marketing

Etsy special features and listing tips


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