Udemy – Essential Makeup Tips For Photos & Videos [100% off]

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In this course, Essential Makeup Tips For Photos & Videos, you will learn how to use makeup for photo and video applications, both of which require a different approach from everyday makeup.
How makeup looks in real life is one thing, but now with high-definition video being used everywhere along with flash and lighting to consider, applying makeup for photo and video is another story. 
With the rise of high-definition being used just about everywhere, viewers are able to see more than they ever have before, so good makeup is very important, both for men and women. 
The Essential Makeup Tips For Photos & Videos course teaches you the proper techniques for applying makeup. And if you are a professional photographer or videographer then this course is a must have for getting better results.
What You’ll Learn

With the help of a makeup pro, this course teaches you the basics of makeup for photo and video. You will learn about what products to use, how to apply makeup, how much to use, and more

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to apply makeup for photo or video. And with a few makeup supplies and a bit of practice, any photographer or videographer can develop enough skill to apply basic makeup and make your subjects look great, while also appearing completely natural. 

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