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Course Description

Probably one of the biggest questions you have right after you’ve decided to start a business is “how do I get the money to finance this thing”?? Or maybe you are looking for the financing for your next step in your current business, an expansion, to launch a new product or service, or a new marketing push, etc.

After taking this course:

  • You will know over 30 ways to finance your business or startup
  • You will be able to find the financing options that fit your business needs
  • You will learn specific strategies and secrets to getting financing from the top sources
  • You will know the difference between traditional financing options and new financing options
  • You will learn the top ways to get your banker or investor to say YES!
  • You will be able to overcome previous rejections and learn new ways to find financing
  • And more!

A big reason people don’t start their dream business is that they don’t think they can get the money or financing. Well there are so many ways to get money you need! I’m going to cover over 30 of the most popular ways, from raising very little money, just a few hundred dollars all the way to over $100,000 or more!

I know crowdfunding is all the rage right now, but you might be surprised to find out that crowdfunding only accounts for 3% of all funding sources. Crowdfunding can certainly help you get to your funding goals, but there are a lot of other ways to raise cash. So I am going to cover the top new ways to finance your business like crowdfunding all the way to more traditional ways like through your bank or financial institution. Plus I will cover unusual and creative ways to finance your business!

You get all of my entrepreneur secrets to securing financing! Plus I’ll answer that question: Is there free money or grants available to start your business? You will also get a bunch of included resources in each section plus the PDF slides for taking notes and setting goals!

Why am I qualified to teach this course? I’ve personally raised over $300,000 in business funding over the years utilizing many of the strategies in this course. Plus my bachelor’s degree is in Accounting from the University of Minnesota.

After taking this course, you are no longer allowed to use this phrase: “I didn’t start my dream business because I couldn’t get the financing”! So let’s get started!


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