Udemy – Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks: Boost Your Income & Time [$199 –> $10] 95% OFF

Today, You can start making your business more profitable by doing the simple things that most people ignore. The reason this is so effective is that I compiled every single productivity hack I’ve learned and tested and TRASHED 80% of them leaving only the most effective, best 20%.

If you are like I was, you’re probably overwhelmed, prone to burnout and not always sure what to focus on in your business or job. You’re doing a lot of tasks that are taking WAY too much time and aren’t making you the money you want. 
By the end of this course you will easily to be able to burn through your to-do list TWICE as fast. Sound good? It gets better. (Check out the course reviews if you don’t believe me!)
You’ll learn:

  • The secret of the most productive and profitable people in the world.
  • How to easily find where every hour of your day goes to be more productive.
  • How to evaluate whether that time is actually making you money or NOT.
  • How to create step-by-step systems in your business to grow it without you being there. (And not feeling guilty about it.)
  • The exact questions to qualify people to delegate your work to.
  • Why I can leave my business for a week of vacation and come back without anyone knowing.
  • The single most powerful word while building your business that will save you hours a week.
  • How to leverage your strengths and delegate your weaknesses. You will learn from top experts on how exactly to outsource everything you should not be doing.
  • How to start outsourcing projects for as little as $5!
  • You’ll learn how to be a more effective communicator to close more deals, hold shorter meetings and master email.
  • You will get a behind-the-scenes look at my business and get the exact tools I used to grow and automate my company.
  • The one tool that will enable you to never have to write the same email or proposal more than once again.
  • The secret to starting every day off successfully.
  • New York Times Bestselling author, Dan Miller’s exact process for creating Mastermind Groups so you’re always surrounding yourself with the best people.

…and so much more!
I’ve made the first (and longest) video in this course completely free so you can see my exact process for finding out exactly where your time is going every day and how to make your time more profitable.

One Final Note…
If you don’t own a business, that is OKAY. These productivity strategies have helped thousands of people who work for small and large businesses as well. I have taught these strategies to everyone from sales teams to CEOs.

There is a better way to approach your day and you can start immediately. Please don’t put this off. If you are reading this, you know something needs to change. This is a risk free way to make that change. Remember, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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