Udemy – End to end web development! [100% off] Worth $99 !!


This course is designed with a motive to teach you end to end web development. I have an agenda of my own to empower you to be successful in being able to develop webpages for fun or profit!! 
HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Bootstrap are basic building blocks of today’s webpages. It is essential to learn them in considerable depth to be a successful frontend developer. PHP and MYSQL are popular processing and backend technologies. This isn’t your typical course – It’s more than that! This will teach you all of the listed technologies under one roof. 
This course is divided into six major modules:
Module 1: Covers HTML 5 in detail
  1. Course Intro
  2. HTML 5 basic concept
  3. Choosing a editor
  4. More basics
  5. How to set a webpage title
  6. How to use text headings
  7. How to use paragraphs
  8. How to use line breaks
  9. Test101
  10. How to make the text bold
  11. How to use strong text
  12. How to italicize text
  13. How to mark a text
  14. Delete and insert text
  15. How to insert superscript and subscript text on pages.
  16. How to add quotes to webpages
  17. Test102
  18. How to add a block-quote to your page
  19. Attributes
  20. How to add address to your page
  21. Display images on your webpages
  22. How to display code on your page
  23. Define keyboard input on pages
  24. Display text as it appears in your editor/code window
  25. Abbreviate text on pages
  26. Cite references for borrowed content
  27. Summarizing all that we’ve till here in one video
  28. How to add comments
  29. Links Part1
  30. Links part 2
  31. Links Part3
  32. Links Part4
  33. Learn to work with unordered list
  34. Let’s make an ordered list
  35. Create a distribution list
  36. HTML 5 page structure
  37. Tables intro
  38. How to add table headers
  39. How to add table captions
  40. Introduction to forms
  41. Form text boxes
  42. Form checkboxes
  43. Form radio buttons
  44. Form dropdowns
  45. Form submit button
  46. Form textarea
  47. Multimedia Intro
  48. Add videos to your webpage
  49. Add audio files to your pages
  50. Adding Youtube videos
  51. DIV’s
Module 2: Covers CSS3, to beautify the page
  1. Requirement
  2. CSS Intro
  3. CSS Selectors
  4. Change text color(Internal style)
  5. Create an external style sheet
  6. Reference external style sheet
  7. Defining styles on an external style sheet
  8. Multiple CSS selectors
  9. Select by ID
  10. Select by Class
  11. Difference between Class and ID selectors
  12. How to add comments
  13. How to open and use colorpicker
  14. General theory RGB and HEX
  15. Using RGB and HEX values in CSS
  16. Add background color
  17. Add gradient background
  18. Play with font sizes
  19. Add background images
  20. Background image repeat options
  21. Aligning text
  22. Decorating text
  23. Playing with margins
  24. Playing with padding
  25. Adding shadows to text
  26. How to blur text shadows
  27. Integrating Google fonts
… More to come
Module 3: Explores Jquery to add features to pages
Module 4: Introduces Bootstrap framework for responsive design
Module 5: Teaches you basics of PHP
Module 6: Help you to perform CRUD using MYSQL
This course will suit different style of learners. It is designed to help beginners and intermediate learners. 
You have complete control over what you want to learn “Choose the modules you like.”
In the current standing, every business, big or small needs to have strong online presence to profit from e-Commerce. If you are planning to setup a webpage, start an online website, or learn these concepts, this course is a great resource. 
The course is structured, and ordered evenly to teach you little by little.
What’s included? 
You get 8+ hours of video lectures
Code snippets in .txt files ( I am not able to upload .html) directly as no support for same on Udemy.
A PDF document that contains all the codes we covered. 
You will get two template I’ve developed while I was training my last batch plus any templates I develop for this series. 
There will be sufficient number of quizzes added to test your knowledge. I will make them as hard as possible as you progress! 
This is one heck of a course tailored to test your patience. I will give you ~250 videos.
You can take your own sweet time to complete the training. 
You must take this course to learn end to end web-development. You will learn front-end, back-end and also the processing language to connect both of them.
Dive in! Immerse yourself!! 

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