Udemy – Empowered Negotiating Skills for Women [100% off] Worth $197 !!

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The Institute for Adult Communication is happy to announce a very special program designed specifically for women who want to empower their skills as negotiators. We looked around and found that many women struggle with and often avoid negotiating all together.
In our online video series, you will learn the specific challenges you’ll need to overcome before you can unlock your natural power as a negotiator, you’ll learn the tactics that are always being used against you in the market place and how to overcome them. We will also show you how to overcome your fear of negotiating and gain access to the happiness and satisfaction that is only possible when you successfully have your wants and needs met.
We observe that women are not taking advantage of many business, social or relationship opportunities for higher salaries, greater respect and more intimate connections and as a result, as a group, are suffering via lower salaries, lower life satisfaction, lower levels of support and a lower sense of self esteem and confidence. For women who master at least some skills as negotiators life begins to unfold in powerful, energizing, confidence boosting ways.
This course will provide pathways for you to:
  • Have a wholly new and positive perspective on negotiation
  • Have more confidence in all your negotiations.
  • Have more self esteem.
  • Structure more powerful requests.
  • Communicate your needs with impact.
  • Understand your feminine advantage in any negotiation.
“I Can Negotiate Now!” is 19 Chapters of training totaling approximately 100 minutes and includes interview with women who have gained confidence in their negotiating skills and use them to gain mastery and life satisfaction every day.
This course will open your mind and heart to experiencing negotiation from the perspective of feminine values and instinct. It will enable your natural skills as a negotiator that you have very likely been avoiding your entire life.

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