Udemy – Effective Online Marketing for Instructors and Infopreneurs [100% off] Worth $97!

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Course Description

Are you great at creating digital products but confused when it comes to marketing them?

Are you trying to work out how to grow your online sales?

Do you need to find new students for your courses? New customers for your products?

I think we have all be in your situation at one time or another! I certainly was!

What if I can set out clear frameworks for your online marketing? Help you to understand the main principles of modern marketing? Help you to get your marketing started straight away! No more lost opportunities, no more lost sales!

In this course you will discover:

  • What is meant by the 4 Ps of Marketing
  • The difference between Push and Pull Marketing
  • How to choose the right type of Marketing campaign
  • Why its important to start with your customer?
  • How to write an effective marketing message
  • Why you need an effective campaign management strategy
  • How you can benefit from studying other instructors
  • A wide range of Online and Offline Marketing channels you can use
  • What is meant by Search Engine Marketing
  • How to adopt a Content Marketing Strategy
  • The benefits of Video Marketing
  • Why you must use eMail Marketing
  • A checklist for an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • How to use your Udemy course links effectively

This course has been based on years of experience learning how to be an effective online marketer. Udemy do a great job of promoting your course, but you can double your sales with your own promotional efforts!

What are you waiting for? Why are you leaving these sales behind!

Start being an effective marketer of your own digital products and courses today!

Don’t forget the 30 Day “No Quibble Money Back” Guarantee!

Enrol today and kick start your own marketing!



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