Udemy – eCommerce Entrepreneurs: Learn How to Stand Out & Sell More! [100% off] Worth $199!!

Course Description

Student Testimonial
Emil has taught me a lot about running my startup, for a lot of years now. He has been a great help, and he is an outstanding teacher. He is very well educated and knows about all the different aspects of starting a company.” – Henrik Olson, Sweden.
What you will learn
In less than 4 hours you will achieve the mastery of positioning skill. 
You will be able to stand out of the crowd like no one in your niche.
You will be able to define, verify and be the best in your category.
You will learn how to turn your customers into extremely loyal ambassadors for your web-shop, they will tell their friends about you and won’t even THINK about buying anywhere else.
About the Instructor
My name is Emil Frølund. I have more than two years of experience in the positioning field, and I’ve studied how you can make your web shop / business / local store stand out of the crowd. I’ve learned from the best, and by doing that you become one of them. Learn today and apply the methods I teach you, if you wish to be succesful.
Without positioning, or KNOWING what positioning is, you cannot run a web shop today – it is simply impossible.

Why you need to learn about positioning
There is endless noise on the internet today. You are used once and forgotten the day after. Take my course today, and that will NOT happen again. You will define your TRUE audience, not your big audience, but the customers and people you actually want to engage with.
You will stand out in their eyes and be the ONLY go to shop in the world – they will not even think for a second who to tell their friends about, or where they should buy their products. 
Positioning the right way will increase your sales by thousands of dollars each month, and you will generate loyal customers who in the end will become ambassadors for your store and let all their friends know about you.
Order today if you wish to become #1 in your niche and move products from your warehouse to your customers, TODAY!

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