Udemy – Double Your Salary: Interview Hacks for Dream 6-Figure Jobs [100% off] Worth $97!

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Course Description

Ever walked into an Interview, though it went amazing, only to find out the recruiters eventually decided to hire someone else? Were you ever nervous, got caught by surprise or simply thought your answers weren’t good enough?

Most importantly – are these shortcomings keeping you from unlocking your full potential andprogressing towards that 6 or 7 figure career that we all dream about?

I have been through 25+ Job Interviews and Assessment Centres. I have landed jobs with prestigious companies – including a TOP Management Consulting Firm and 2 Telecommunications Multinationals.

Am I gifted with great Interviewing skills? Do I have more talent than you? Probably not. As a matter of fact, I was in a similar position as you are now: I had to go through a ton of applications and handle a lot of rejections even though I was consistently getting through to the final rounds. But I never gave up and made a concerted effort to see what my weaknesses were and how I can improve in my next Interview…

Being great at Interviews is not a trait reserved for the most talented business-savvy people out there. It’s a skill that you build with time, preparation & experience. That’s why in this course I have packaged the knowledge that I have acquired throughout my journey and I’m sharing it with you so that you can take control of your career and never look back.

So What’s The Secret?

It’s easy: you just have to differentiate yourself from everybody else. Be it through out-of-the-box methods and/or great interviewing skills, you need to stand above all the other candidates.

You can do that with these interview hacks (and more!), which are all included in this course:

  • The Online Portfolio Blueprint: Out-of-the-box ideas that will make recruiters want to meet you before you’ve even laid foot in the room. This is an approach that only 1% of candidates take…
  • The Accomplishment Storytelling Tutorial: know how to position your Interview answers so that you instantly communicate your results-driven approach that will bring employers immediate value
  • Interview Questions Dictionary: a comprehensive list (20) of the most challenging questions that you will face along with the model answers

Plus 3 Bonuses:

  • The Interview Checklist: for 60 minutes before the interview to ensure that you’re 100% prepared and relaxed
  • Real Case studies from my connections including how my ex-investment banking friend increased his salary by over $24,000 per year
  • Exotic interview methods including how to nail phone interviews

The “Be Successful In Your Next Interview” Guarantee

I always want to surpass my students’ expectations. I always strive to make my material as implementable as possible. That’s why I’m extremely confident that this course will make you successful in your next Interview. You have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, but I trust that the value you will find in this course will exceed your expectations.

However, if you have gone through it and applied the advice and are STILL not convinced, then I will organise a Mock Interview session with you via Skype so that I can assess your weaknesses and help you improve so that you never fail an Interview again.

The Path Has Been Laid Out To You…

The only thing that’s left to do is for you to commit to take action and take your interview skills to the next level. Take this course now and never fail a Job Interview again!


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