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Course fully updated for March 2015
Over 680 Productive Students are already applying these principles and tools in their personal and professional lives! 
Gain instant access to 20 professionally made lectures that will positively impact your life. This course will dramatically increase your level of productivity. It is comprised of universal productivity principles, but will also provide you with specific tools and proven techniques that will boost your productivity and help you Do a Full Day’s Work in 90 Minutes.
Eliminate the Distractions and Time-Consumers From Your Life So You Can Enjoy a Tremendous Sensation of Accomplishment As Well As An Abundance of Free Time With This Comprehensive Productivity Course. 
  • Accelerate your growth
  • Cultivate a productive mindset
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Conserve mental energy by automating simple decisions
  • Learn how to do a week’s worth of work in a day
A powerful arsenal of tools to help you get more done.
We live in a world of increasing distraction. As of last year, Youtube users upload 72 hours of new video content every minute. That’s enough funny animal videos to keep you laughing for the rest of your life! And yet it only represents a small fraction of the information available at your fingertips. Having the right tools to help you stay focused can mean the difference between success and failure.
True personal growth takes lots of time and dedication but you can avoid many of the pitfalls that people get hung up on by taking a principled approach. I designed this course to be easily understood by absolute beginners so you will be able to apply everything you learn by the time you finish. And to make sure you receive the most benefit I’ve included a fun challenge at the end that will help you hit the ground running!
The entire course is designed around the idea of Focus Blocks which are 1) the six principles that will help you do a full days work in 90 minutes and 2) what I call a highly productive block of time: a Focus Block. Using Focus Blocks, you will learn how to do a full day’s work in 90 minutes and eventually get to a point where you’re able to do a week’s worth of work in a day.
• I’ve used Focus Blocks to write and publish ebooks on Amazon in a matter of days
• To outline, script, and record this Udemy course in less than an accumulative 24
• To minimize the amount of time I spend doing repetitive tasks such as cleaning
•To create and appreciate more free time while also earning more money
• And to structure my work days such that I have plenty of restorative breaks throughout
the day
As well as the Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee, you also have my personal promise that you will be wowed and delighted by what you learn in the next hour . . . and you’ll be kicking yourself if you haven’t already been applying these simple and effective productivity principles.
What this course is not:
I won’t try to sell you on the idea that all of the goodness of the world will fall into your hands just by taking this course. That’s never true. You have to apply what you learn in order to experience any measure of success.
You will also have to experiment in order to get to a point where you’re able to consistently do a full day’s work in 90 minutes. It’s all very simple, but it does take practice.
Finally, this course is not intended to teach service workers how to do the impossible. If you’re expected to perform a service (such as by answering phone calls, making coffee, or waiting tables) from 9-5, this course will not be able to cut your hours in half. However, it will help you get more things done, and you can definitely apply everything you learn to become more productive in other areas of your life.
But if you’re willing and ready to develop yourself into a person of bold action, if you’re able to recognize the value in learning from experts, and especially if you’re tired of not getting the results you want in life and having to settle for less, you need to get this course right now . . . right this minute.
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