Udemy – Django Unchained with Python [100% off] Worth $200!!

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Course Description

Popular sites that use Django include Mozilla, Instagram, Pinterest, the Public Broadcasting Service. And Python is probably the easiest language to start programming. In addition to this, Django is the best preferred framework for Python. Together, they are world beater in building smart web applications. This course shows you how to unchain Django from scratch. If you know Python and want to move that expertise onto the Web, then this course is an awesome addition for you. How a new technology can take a participant to a new sphere, this course will show you that, thanks to the exceptional framework that Django provides. We start with introducing Django to you and installing the same for you.

During this course, you will master Python and Django concepts. Also, we will add real hands on practical exposure for you with different codings and examples. You are about to create a website from scratch using Django and Python. You will learn the technologies that are being used in famous survey sites, e-commerce sites such as Instagram, Pinterest etc.



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