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Course Description

PPS іѕ аn аmаzіng trаіnіng bу Mаtt. Hе’ѕ used thіѕ ѕіmрlе tесhnіquе tо gеnеrаtе оvеr $200,000 in 60 dауѕ with a brand new ѕtоrе. PPS will take соrроrаtіоn-lеvеl “hacks” аnd ѕhоw you how tо uѕе thеm to profit big time with аnу sort оf eCommerce ѕtоrе.

Inside PPS, he’s rеvеаlіng еvеrу dеtаіl аbоut how аnуоnе – rеgаrdlеѕѕ of еxреrіеnсе, budget, оr соnnесtіоnѕ – can do іt tоо.

How these four stages work can help you:

  • Avoid flop campaigns from the start.
  • Sky-rocket ROI when you first launch a product to the public
  • Double, triple, quadruple, and straight up maximize profit even as interest begins to fade.
  • Run a booming eCommerce store even if you only have one product.
  • Build a captive audience who you’ll sell even more products to.
  • See RELIABLE, REPEATABLE, PREDICTABLE income from your eCommerce store — money you can countdown.


  1. You Will need motivation to get things done – This is not a hard course everything is explained very well.
  2. Store ( I will show you how to setup a store – dont worry)
  3. A Small Budget ( $5-$100) is fine
  4. A Facebook Account ( We will be using Facebook Ads Manager )


Fundamentals (Section1)

Create Your Store: – This section talks about how to setup a shopify store ( what type of information you need to enter) and how to structure your store.

Niche Selection :

  • How to DESTROY any hesitation you might have about picking a niche & instead, getting your feet in the water fast so you immediately know what is working & get results.
  • The 1 word you can type to get FB to spit out the most VIRAL interests that people are going crazy over… never wrack your brain trying to think of a niche again.
  • The Likes By Association sink-hole in how FB makes audiences that can either make you big profits, or cost you all your money. The way to leverage this sneaky little “hole” in FB’s game for big gain.
  • You think competition on FB ads is high? Watch my “1 click” way to uncover all of the competition so you know if you have got a market worth entering… (and find great pages to spy on, steal ideas from, & more).

What do I sell? : learn techniques on how to profit and find the right product to sell

Product Selection: Watch as I show you how I pick out a product and what sources I use.

Targeting Selection: learn how to target your section by finding out the (age,gender, city etc)

Flex Targeting : Create a unique audience with a combo of different niches

Listing Your Products : learn how to list your products on your shopify store

Getting-started ( section 2)

MVP Model :- key things to know about the home page,product page,about us page, order lookup, shipping policy and much more

Apps learn about what apps I use and what are the best to have

PL Traffic Overview : includes info on pricing, distribution and how to take an old product and spin it around

New Custom Audience Pixel – How to setup an audience pixel allows you to re target clients (code is included in training )

Introduction (section 3)

Overview – Get an overview of what you will get into

Market Testing: Test the market to see if you have a winner

Ads: how to setup a facebook ad

Clicks to Website Ads – Feature in facebook to get clicks to your store

Retargeting : let the people who buy or leave your site see your ads on their facebook

Growth ( Section 4)

Overview: what this section is about

Ads: how to modify your ads

Reporting – Getting to know your numbers (monitoring)

Scaling Up – Increasing your budget ( and ROI Return in investment)

Scaling Out – A wide scale ( reach a wider audience) Learn about lookalike audience

Forecasting and Fulfillment : how to dropship the product ( dropshipping is making someone else ship the product for you)

Maturity ( Section 5)

Overview – What this section is about

Video Ads: how to use video ads on facebook

Video Ad Scaling – Finding more keywords and scaling

Adjusting Your Pricing – Learn the best price to have to get buyers

Decline (Section 5)

Overview – What this section is about

Pricing – overview on pricing

Value Add – Adding value getting more buyers

Scaling Down – Reducing your budget ( when to) helps with ad preference on facebook

New Lead Item Finding similar products


  • How to work a FOUR-stage product life cycle to outpace your competition, maximize your returns, & build a business that makes income you can truly RELY on.
  • The simple & easy way to run the numbers so you can easily make max profit.
  • How to increase revenue even as your product matures on the market place.
  • How to generate a large custom customer pixel to target for the highest ROls possible.
  • When & how to harness the power of video advertisements to scale products even further.
  • How to optimise for price point as your product is on the market longer.
  • How to scale back to stay profitable.
  • How to expand by inserting more products to your line.
  • How to find out a new lead item to get people to your store for the 1st time, build your customer & keep revenue flowing in consistently.
  • What type of fb ads to create
  • What to write for ad copy
  • Who to target
  • How much to budget (beginning with just $5, only invest more on advertisements when you are profitable).


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