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The course is designed to help students develop skills in generating ideas for moving image productions. These ideas are then developed in a script, storyboard and animatic using software such as LibreOffice, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects (or similar software packages). 
The course comprises of theory and practical skills development. The early part of the course covers theory in story development and exploring the types of shots used in moving image production. Each theory stage leads on to practical elements for students to follow. 
The course is spread across 22 video lectures, with 2 hours and 45 minutes of content. The course is suitably designed as blended learning to compliment classroom based courses on art and media production. Alternatively, the course is stand alone so students can work at their own pace. 

Course structure:
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Developing stories for video production
Section 3: Scriptwriting
Section 4: Storyboarding
Section 5: Creating an animatic
Section 6: Simple animation using Photoshop and Premiere
Section 7: Animating Photoshop layers in After Effects
Section 8: Simple character animation using Photoshop and Premiere
Section 9: Comparing animatic to complete promo
Section 10: Conclusion

This course is designed to help you understand some of the processes involved in developing ideas for an animation or video production through to creating an animatic. These stages help producers prepare for developing a proposal to help raise funds for the final production. Often this is missed out but it is crucial in determining how feasible an animation or video production will be to make.