Udemy – Development for Wearables: Android Wear [100% off]

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Android Wear is the next best thing to happen with technology. The seamless integration of a device you can wear with your smartphone opens up a whole new set of possibility for apps. And, this is the right time for you take up development for wearables.
Don’t assume that if you know android programming then wearables follow the same guidelines as an app such as 9 essential design principles, suggest & demand architecture, cards based UI, etc. Android wear follows a holistic material design which focusses on performance. It is essential for you to understand all the concepts behind android wear and then put it into use, and this course will help you do just that. 
Learn the essentials of android wear development covering the following topics –
  1. Basic Design Principles (9 essential design principles)
  2. UI patterns (Cards, App Icons, Pages, Action Buttons, Action Countdown, etc)
  3. Introduction to Android Studio
  4. Executing demo apps
  5. Creating Wear Notifications
  6. Creating an action for the notification
  7. Voice message as an action
  8. Pre-defined Responses
  9. Stacked Notification
  10. Packaging your android wear app
  11. The Fixed Deposit Notification App

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