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Course Description

Are you ready to learn Illustrator? Are you ready to have some fun? Well I’m ready, so let’s get started!
This course has a bit different approach to learning Adobe Illustrator. Rather than focusing merely on the techniques or telling you to first click this, then click that, it actually involves you in the creative process. How? You’ll not only learn the most effective, real-world ways of getting things done in Illustrator, we will also use our knowledge to construct real projects. It means we will design serious logos
As the course progresses we will learn the necessary basics of logo design so our projects won’t be some accidental packs of lines and dots, but coherent, trendy and nicely crafted compositions.
There are 7 sections with over 30 videos covering the basics of Illustrator and principles of logo design. But it all would be just another Illustrator course if it wasn’t for the fact, that in the last section we will put our knowledge into practice I mean I will show you how you can put all you will learn into a logo design process.
I’ve seen lots of different tutorials and courses on Illustrator but they were all missing something: they usually covered the techniques, but never, or almost never, helped the student to visualize how he, or she, can put all the knowledge into practical design. And this course changes that!
In the first section we will get to know Illustrator’s interface and gain some basic understanding on color models and differences between pixel and vector based graphics.
In the second section we’ll cover the best ways to handle and apply color in Illustrator. If you have problems with choosing the right color for Your next project, after this section you will have it no more.
The third section is the longest one and covers the creation tools. We’ll take a look at a the best ways to create stars, rectangles, ellipses etc, but we’ll also see the power of pathfinder and the appearance panel.
In the fourth section we’ll learn to transform the shapes we create and we will do that in style!
The fifth section is all about Type – you will learn not only how to create text, but also how to handle it the right way and where to get great fonts from.
In the 6th section we’ll cover some basic principles in logo design theory.
The last section is what makes this course stand out from the crowd. Over 6 videos we will put our knowledge into motion – we will design professionally looking logos using the simplest techniques!
As you can see this is quite a lot to take in. This is why I tried to make these videos not only easy to follow, but also make them concise and straight to the point, ’cause I want you to be able to find the information you’re looking for with ease!
So all you Logo designer wannabes, or all you Adobe Illustrator beginners, roll-up your sleeves, as you are in for a real Illustrator treat!

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