Udemy – Daily Deal Success for Your Business: Complete How To [100% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

Latest Update: August 11, 2015

Do you own or manage a business and want to see IF and HOW a daily deal promotion could help you drive more business?

Have you tried it before with mediocre or poor results and want to know how you could run a successful campaign the way your competitor seems to have?

Do your run any of these types of businesses?

  • Restaurant or hospitality business
  • Capacity based business – e.g. yoga studio, dance studio, martial arts, etc…
  • Appointment based service – e.g. photographer, masseuse, make-up artist, etc…
  • Ticket based event – e.g. food festival, concert, workshops, other date specific, ticket based events?
  • Physical product or retailer
  • Digital product or service

We will show you exactly HOW and WHEN a daily deal will be effective for your business.

And how you can carefully craft a daily deal to suit your specific needs.

What kind of offer should you make?

How much should you discount?

What other deal limitations or restrictions should you make?

Should you set a quantity limit?

Have you heard about “successful” daily deal campaigns with over 1000 purchases that forced the business OUT OF BUSINESS?

Yes, with poorly designed daily deals and unprepared business owners…sometimes having a successful deal could become a nightmare.

Learn what it takes to really get the MOST out of your daily deal promotions.


You’ll also get our Daily Deal Calculator, and with it you’ll be able to see:

  • How changing any of your assumptions could affect your sales or profits from the deal.
  • What happens when you change your discount price
  • What happens if your cost changes
  • What happens if the percentage of customers who return changes
  • What is the lifetime value of a new customer?
  • HOW often do you need a new customer to come back for you to MAKE back your investment?
  • etc…

And we’ll show you in detail with very specific examples using our very own Daily Deal Calculator.—————————————————————————————–

DO take this course if you:

  • Been thinking about running a daily deal but don’t know where to start
  • Want to ensure you’re crafting a deal that SUITS your business and objectives
  • Be able to get the MOST out of your daily deal campaign
  • Avoid the mistakes many business make with daily deals.

By taking this course, you will KNOW EXACTLY how to design and execute on a successful daily deal campaign for your business.

So if you really are serious about running successful daily deals for your business, it’s simple:

  1. Click the blue “BUY THIS COURSE” button
  2. Submit your payment info to Udemy
  3. Stop losing money and start making money from your daily deals


P.S. We’re just getting started. If you have a business not currently covered by our course, let us know and we’ll help you sort out the perfect daily deal strategy for your business.


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