Udemy – Cyber Security: Build a Secure, Resilient Company [100% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

This course will give you frameworks, models, and actionable items that will empower you to weave cyber security into the daily practices of a dynamic, lean fast growing business.

The course is a high impact video series that will empower you to get started immediately.

Every teaching and every recommendation in the cyber security framework that is taught leverages a few core principles:

  • Business First
  • 90/10 Output (90% Results with 10% Effort)
  • Resilience over Security
  • Protection – Detection – Response Triad
  • Work Hard Once (Ensuring no wasted Effort

You will learn how to:

  • Create meaningful security metrics for multiple audiences
  • Increase leadership engagement in cyber security by using the right language and frameworks
  • Discover your Resilience Score for every business process
  • Understand what your intellectual property is and where it is
  • Understand and manage who has access to your intellectual property
  • How to leverage metrics for transparency and security engagement
  • How to move cyber security conversation from the data center, to the boardroom and the water cooler

The concepts are crisp and the supplemental handouts ensure you will have tangible, actionable that you can immediately leverage.