Udemy – CSS and CSS3 Fundamentals For Beginners [100% off]

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Course Description

Maybe you already heard about CSS without really knowing what it is. CSS stand for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a style language that defines layout of HTML documents.

In this course you will learn about what CSS is and what it can do for you. we start with CSS syntax then move onto fonts, colours, margins, padding, lines, links, height, width, background images. We also take an in depth look at advanced positions like absolute position, relative position and fixed position. Also we look at how to create beautiful gradient effects and many other cool things.

After only a few lessons of this course you will be able to make your own style sheets using CSS to give your website a new great look and feel. I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to begin writing CSS and how quickly that you’re going to be authoring and creating your own style. Felling exsited, so then let’s get started.

Topic Cover

  • What is CSS ?
  • Understanding CSS style sheets.
  • What is css syntax ?
  • Exploring font properties.
  • Style using colours, margins, padding, lines.
  • How to style links with there states.
  • Height, width and max. height, max. width.
  • Learn difference between background color and images.
  • Advanced positions like absolute, relative, fixed.
  • How to create gradient color in css and much more.



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