Udemy – Crowdfunding Startups and Nonprofits: 4 Keys to Success [100% off]

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Course Description

Price increases June22.

Are you:

  • amazed at the millions raised rapidly though record-breaking crowdfunding campaigns,
  • looking to know the secrets for success,
  • a for-profit or nonprofit company,
  • an entrepreneur or an individual,
  • working on a project, product or service that needs funding?

If so, this course is for you! There are 4 key secrets behind all successful crowdfunding campaigns that are crucial for you to know and use to join those who surpass their goal.


  • why crowdfunding is replacing old, difficult to navigate banks and investors,
  • the different types of crowdfunding,
  • the 20/30/50 Rule and how to apply it to your campaign,
  • how to set the right goal (it’s NOT what you think),
  • which of the thousands of crowdfunding platforms is right for you,
  • how to build the right team,
  • how to design exciting campaign content,
  • how to brings in sales and keep the traffic coming,
  • when to use PR and how,
  • the secret sauce for all successful crowdfunding campaigns.

What you need:

  1. a computer,
  2. willingness to listen, take notes, learn,
  3. determination to follow the steps and NOT take shortcuts,
  4. 2 hours of focused time to watch the videos (you can watch in shorter segments of time),
  5. persistence to apply what you learn.

This course is the basis from which you can design and manage a great campaign PLUS develop a foundation for your success long-term. These basics help you understand and build your market as well as establish best practices to carry forward into your business.

Other courses provide valuable hacks and techniques to use, but this course provides the strategy and long-term foundation for your success. Master these basics, and you will meet and beat your goals.


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