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Course Description

Please Note: This special $10 launch price in no way represents the true value of this power-packed course. (The price will go to $29 on July 17 and $49 on August 1.)

Did you know that the most successful people on the planet are also the most creative? Throughout the ages, time and time again, ordinary people from all walks of life who were able to come up with extraordinary ideas that they then acted upon, have risen to the top of every field across all disciplines, acquiring great fame, wealth, and influence.

Do you struggle with coming up with creative ideas? Do you feel that you’re not a creative person? Would you like to learn how to become more creative? Welcome to Skyrocket your Creativity and Boost your Influence, the go-to course for learning how you can increase your creativity!

In today’s word, ideas are often called “the currency of the 21st century.” Find out in this course how to increase your “creative earning power” by increasing your ability to come up with more and better ideas. By learning how to become more creative, you’ll also boost your ability to be more influential at work, in your artistic endeavors, and in your daily life.

In this course you will learn proven methods for generating more and better ideas. Creativity is a muscle that EVERYONE has that can be grown and strengthened. This course will show you how with practical tips you can begin using immediately, even before you finish all the lessons.

Some of the creativity boosting techniques we discuss include:

  • Brainstorming
  • Mindmapping
  • Freewriting
  • Harnessing the power of your subconscious mind
  • Reverse psychology
  • Design thinking
  • Quantity begets quality
  • and more

We are two university professors with decades of collective experience teaching offline and online to a diverse group of students from around the world. We use our custom teaching approach to turn complex information into something simple, memorable, easy-to-understand in as short amount of time as possible to ensure that you get the most important, relevant, and useful information that can be applied immediately to your art, work, and everyday life.

Dr. Chad Neuman, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design and Digital Journalism at Southeastern University. He has worked in various creative industries including advertising, graphic designmagazines, and new media, and he has used creativity for years to produce web sites, logos, and published articles.

Kristen Palana, MFA, is a tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media and the Program Director of Film & Digital Media at The American University of Rome and a practicing award-winning multimedia artist. Her most recent independently-produced film just won Best Animated Short at Cannes Short Film Festivalthanks in part to the effectiveness of some of the creativity techniques we teach in this course.

New bonus lectures and resources will continue to be added and timely creativity boosting advice will be provided in the discussion forum. We love to help and always respond to inquiries and discussions ASAP.

Please Note: All students who enroll in this course also will receive periodic free and discounted access to our other top-rated current and upcoming courses.

You have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked so you have nothing to lose. We make ourselves available so you will have access to us if you have questions or need specific feedback along the way.

Empower yourself now by enrolling in this course and join our growing learning community! Click the “Take This Course” button in the upper right corner and let’s get started skyrocketing your creativity and boosting your influence at home and at work today.


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