Udemy – Creating Social Media Content in Adobe Photoshop [100% off]

Course Description

Trending topics are all over the place on social media nowadays. And while they seem trivial, trends are actually opportunities in disguise for individuals and organisations. They can get your message heard, drive traffic to your website or blog, increase followers and even better: sales
To accomplish this I’ve created a well rounded and easy to follow course for creating attention grabbing content in the king of all graphics-editing software: Photoshop
In this course we’ll be discussing the ingredients for creating effective content for Twitter and Facebook and you’ll learn tools and techniques to create great images in Photoshop. And when you’re done with the final chapter, you’ll be an expert in saving your creations for the web.
Made for Mac and Windows users and infused with a plethora of time-saving keyboard shortcuts, this course is your best entry in the fast growing field of social media marketing
This course is taught by an Adobe Certified Expert and freelance trainer with years of training experience and will be updated and supported through time. Your faith in this course is an investment in your own growth and one that will only become more and more valuable as time passes. 
A list of some of the topics:
  • learn the ingredients for creating effective social media images
  • understand how to create brush patterns, an advanced technique
  • get to know smart objects and why they will change your workflow
  • get comfortable with saving images for the web
  • two projects, created for this course and explained from A to Z
  • and much more!
Whether you’re a startup, a non-profit organisation or a seasoned business, this course will teach you skills in image editing, content creation and social media marketing that will take your venture(s) to the world of web 2.0. 
This course includes the exercise files you need to follow along, and it targets people that are novice/beginners in the topic of social media marketing and use of Adobe Photoshop. 
It is structured in such a way that we’ll begin slow and add some complexity as we go through the different lessons. 

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