Udemy – Create Your Own Wedding or Family Website. [100% off] Worth $97 !!


In this course I am going to show you how to create your own wedding or Family website completely FREE very easy and in just a few hours!

I decided to create my own wedding website because I am from Spain and my boyfriend is Irish, we are getting married in my hometown in Spain and we have lots of friends here in Ireland and John’s family coming to our wedding and I knew that more than likely they would be phoning and emailing me about how to get there, hotels, etc,….

When they started with the messages 9 months before the wedding!! I thought I will have to do something. I was too busy to be writing big emails and answering calls all day, I had enough with my own business and the wedding planning, so I decided to create a website, where I can put all the information they need, where my hometown is, how to get there, the church, the venue, information about accommodation, what to do in my hometown.

While I was creating my website I got very excited and I really enjoyed adding all the info they might need.

I am very happy to show my hometown to other people.

Once the website was done, we emailed everybody who was invited to the wedding and sent them the link to the website. We received a great feedback, everybody congratulated us for the beautiful and full of info website. Now it is not only for our guest to check information about our wedding, it is also OUR website that we can update in the future with pictures of the wedding, honey moon, our holidays. …

So many people have asked me how I did the website so I decided to create this course where I can share with you how to create your own website.

In this course you are going to learn: how to register your domain for free, get free hosting, create your beautiful website completely free and add your website in Google analytics.

In this course I will show you step by step how to create your own wedding or family website in a very easy and simple way with videos and other materials in just a few hours!

If you are getting married or have a family, you will love having your personal website!