Udemy – Create your own 2D art for games [51% off]

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Create your own 2D art for games.
This course will teach you the process I use to create basic game art, objects and props, needed for games. The course will focus on a Vector generated cartoon stylized format seen in many games.
Learn to build assets in a simple format, by breaking objects down into individual components and building up the details of each component to a final result. 
This course will take several hours to complete, if you follow along step by step in the process. We will begin with very simple objects, and then move along into more and more complex designs as we progress. 
By the end of this course, you will have created several small props, along with multiple fantasy swords, shields, a treasure chest, and a detailed guillotine as the final project 
This course is structured to teach you the basics of the DrawplusX6 application although other vector programs like inkscape can work just as well. If you are familiar or more comfortable with a different vector application then following the steps should be easily transferable to that application. 
Once you understand the basics of how to build objects, and add details and shading to them, you will be able to create most any game component you require in your games. 
What this course will teach you:
What is a vector and how to use vector shapes to build art for games.
How to navigate the interface and use the primary tools within the DrawPlusX6 application.
How to view reference photos, and rough in general shapes, to gradually build up a complete object.
How to use existing shapes, to create the necessary shading to add detail and depth to your objects.
How to create several objects, walking through the process from concept/reference to completed, exported image file. 
What this course will not teach you:
This course will not go into details on creating characters or monsters or entire game levels, as it will be focused on individual objects/props. 

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