Udemy – Create Animated Explainer Videos with Powtoon! [100% off]

Course Description

If you ever thought that making videos online was too complicated or expensive, this course is for you.
This course will teach you everything that you need to know about using Powtoon. You don’t need a fancy computer to run it and you don’t need any technical experience. Powtoon will help you create professional animated videos in a matter of minutes!
On the main Powtoon website, they offer you about 10 minutes of training. Using a version that’s over a year old. I made this training in 2015 with over 90 minutes of training and I will continue to update this course whenever they release new features!
When we’re talking about something technical, you’ll see examples right on the screen! You’ll never get overloaded with complicated terms because I explain them so that anyone can understand it! Watch some of the free preview lessons and you’ll see that it’s perfect for you!
My Powtoon course is fun and easy to watch and it follows a logical order. The first set of tutorials break down each part of the program and the second set of tutorials deal with advanced techniques and additional features that you can learn once you’re more comfortable with the program!
Saw something cool in the promo video? I’ll teach you how to do that! Let’s get started!

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