Udemy – Create a VR Google Cardboard Hide and Seek Game [100% off]

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Create a VR Google Cardboard Hide and Seek Game

Course Description

Create a Hide and Seek Game using the Google Cardboard SDK

  • Develop a hide and seek game that works with VR:
  • Find the other player by looking at its possible position.
  • Move towards the player using hands-free input.
  • Use the Google Cardboard SDK to enable gaze pointing and head tracking.

Make a VR game where you find your target by hearing its location:

As a kid it’s probable that you had played hide-and-seek, with your friends and neighbors. Well this time you will go back to childhood by making that game, and this time in VR. Find the other player in a pitch dark setting, but be fast because it will be moving to make it more challenging for you.

As another course in Knowledge Base’s Google Cardboard development series, this course will teach you to implement pointing and selecting using the player’s gaze. In the game you create, one player will to try to find and move towards the other player, all without any type of hand input.

Also in this tutorial you will implement some audio with the audio mixer.

For this tutorial you will need Unity 5.3 or above, you need good understanding about scripting in C# and the use of Unity 3D is a must.


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