Udemy – Create a Google Cardboard Shooting Gallery Game [100% off]

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Course Description

Do you remember the game Sunset Riders where you got a bonus stage where suddenly enemies appear at you? Or did you ever played on the arcade those games where you actually didn’t move but the enemies went straight towards you like Lethal Enforcers?

Well now is time to recreate those games, where you will be defeating enemies in a whack-a-mole type of game.

  • Create a Shooter Game using the Google Cardboard SDK
  • Develop a game that you can play on Google’s VR device:
  • Make a shooter game like the ones you used to play where the enemies appeared in front of you.
  • Change the game so it can work on Google Cardboard.
  • Make a VR game where you can shoot with just looking at the enemies:

Continue your Google Cardboard VR learning and start controlling things with the power of your gaze.

For this tutorial you will need Unity 5 or above, you need good understanding about scripting in C# and the use of Unity 3D is a must.

Now it’s time to make a more robust game using the VR libraries that Google provides.


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