Udemy – Crash Course on How to Read Balance Sheet [100% off]

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Crash Course on How to Read Balance Sheet

Course Description

Welcome to this crash course on How to read Balance Sheet.

Balance Sheet is the image of every business.

It reflects the Financial Position of any business.

It answers to the following questions:

Whether the Organization is Financially Stronger?

Whether the Organization is dependent on Owners funds or outsiders funds?

Whether the Organization has sufficient funds to pay its Short Term Liabilities?

Whether the Organization has invested in core assets or non core assets?

Simple reading of Balance Sheet would communicate all these. But many lacks the ability to read this simple statement, because it comes with too many numbers.

Many carries the belief that in order to read Balance Sheet, you should have knowledge in Accounting. But that’s not the case.

Preparing Balance Sheet is knowledge based and it is the job of Accountants where as reading Balance Sheet is skill based, which any one can do.

Balance Sheets are used as the Primary Document to evaluate any business by Bankers and Investors. They invest in training their people to read Balance Sheet.

This crash course will introduce you to Balance Sheet and it would impart the skills required for reading Balance Sheet.

This course is structured in self paced learning style.

Video Lectures were used as a medium to deliver the course content.

Welcome to the course once again.

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