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Crash Course on Financial Analysis

Course Description


Welcome to this Crash Course on Financial Analysis.

In this course, you will have an overview of

a) Financial Ratio Analysis

b) Cash Flow Analysis

c) Fund Flow Analysis

Let’s see one by one:

Ratio Analysis:

Every one will agree that the Accounting Figures provided in the Financial Statements on a stand alone basis will not convey any meaningful information unless it is compared with various parameters.

When Financial Figures are compared on a logical manner and relationships are established, it will result in creation of Ratios which will help in analysing the performance of the business units and will also list out the strengths and weaknesses of the Business Units.

Ratio Analysis is the most important and widely used tool for financial analysis. Ratios are particularly useful in comparing one year’s performance of a firm with other years as well as the performance of various firms.

Cash Flow Analysis:

Every business objective is to make profit.

But some businesses, despite making profits, they do not operate successfully.

This is because of their Cash Flow Management.

This course is going to explain why Cash Flow is very important and how to analyse the various facets of Cash flows like

a) Cash Flow from Operating Activities

b) Cash Flow from Investing Activities

c) Cash Flow from Financing Activities

Fund Flow Analysis:

Fund Flow Statement is a tool prepared to evaluate the financial position of the company or say business.

This statement throws out financial strengths and weakness of any business which will not be apparent in financial statements viz., Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Knowledge in preparation and analysis of fund flow statement will provide great deal of information to the user and helps to understand the business which is being evaluated and will give complete pulse of the entire financial flow of any business.

This course is structured in self paced learning.

Video lectures were used for content delivery.

Welcome to the course and all the very best.



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