Udemy – Crash Course on Cost of Capital and Capital Structuring [100% off]

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Crash Course on Cost of Capital and Capital Structuring

Course Description

Welcome to this crash course on Cost of Capital and Capital Structuring.

In this course, you will have overview of Cost of Capital and Capital Structure matters.

About Cost of Capital:

Every business raise various forms of Capital for running the business.

None of the funds are free.

Each fund comes with a cost.

Every Entrepreneur, every Finance Manager should be aware of the Cost of Capital of their business.

Many businesses fail, because the management itself would not be aware of the Cost of Capital of the business.

Unless the returns earned from the business is greater than or equal to cost of capital, no business can sustain / grow.

Cost of Capital is used to evaluate new projects of a company. It is the minimum return that investors expect for providing capital to the company, thus setting a benchmark that a new project has to meet.

About Capital Structure of Business:

All the Business entities in this world, will work on this topic.

Because, Capital Structuring Decisions, would decide the long term stability of any business.

Business entities can have mix of their own funds and debt funds for running their business. But the mix should be an optimum one.

Wrong decisions in Capital Structuring would spoil the business which otherwise would have plenty scope for growth.

The capital structuring of the business also decides the leverage and returns for the owners.

About this course structure:

This course is structured in self paced learning style.

Video lectures are used for delivering course content.

Welcome to this course and all the very best.



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