Udemy – Crash Course: Discover How Obamacare (ACA) Works [100% off]

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Did you know prior to healthcare reform there was 57 million uninsured Americans? Millions of people, just like you are having to decide about health insurance and how they will take care of their health.
Health is personal and private especially when it involves money. No need to be frustrated and react to what is happening in the healthcare industry because you don’t understand it. Don’t delay taking care of your health because you don’t have insurance and believe there are no options.
This course reveals what Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) is and what it means to you and your family.
You will discover:
  • Why healthcare reform was started
  • What the goals of Obamacare are
  • Learn the different kinds of health insurance plans
  • The pros and cons
  • The 10 Essential Health Benefits required for a plan to be insurance
  • How to apply for coverage
  • How to use the Marketplace
  • Whether or not you can keep your current insurance
  • Find out if you qualify for a special enrollment period
  • The fee you pay if you don’t have coverage
  • Learn how to opt-out and get a waiver for the penalty
  • The 10 services not included Obamacare
  • How Obamacare affects Small Business Owners
and much, much more.
As a student of this course, you can send me a message through email regarding your personal situation and Obamacare for recommendations.
This course will continue to grow as the constant updates and changes are made to health care reform. I spend a lot of time studying Obamacare and will share that information.
You can get this information and make an educated decision regarding the new health insurance law and how it applies to you.
Spend the next hour getting the information that millions haven’t heard even though their lives are being affected.
This course is delivered through videos, audios and downloadable pdfs.

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