Home Business: The Complete CPA Marketing Course

Home Business The Complete CPA Marketing Course
Find success in a new industry using this totally effective secret strategy.
What if I told you…
That average joes like you and I are already using a stolen business formula to systematically siphon off our own slice of a $1 billion dollar industry?
A brutally effective and totally secret (until now) strategy that’s responsible for making more cash millionaires than every other online strategy combined!
A money-shoveling pipeline of pure profit that’s so deadly-effective and growing so fast, that demand outstrips supply 20 to 1!
And That You Now Have The Chance To Join Them, Simply By Copying Our
Business Model!
Discover a business model that works even if…
  • You’ve failed miserably over and over in the past.
  • You’re the most useless marketer on Earth.
  • You have zero experience or skill.
  • You couldn’t sell crack to a crackhead.
This business model is all about…
Getting Paid Without Selling A Damn Thing! 
Sound too good to be true? Not so…
CPA. You may have heard of it.
CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it’s already a $1 billion dollar industry with massive corporations like Best Buy, Vista Print, the gaming company behind League Of Legends and hundreds more all diving in head first to take advantage of it.
Here’s Why This Is Different…
With CPA, instead of busting your ass trying to convince, persuade and beg people to buy something, all you have to do is offer them something for free like a discount coupon, a prize or free trial.
That’s it!
Then, to get their gift, they just have to fill out a form, watch a video or enter their zip code. And when they do, you get paid.
Finally…You’re In Exactly The Right Place, At Precisely The Right Time.
Right now we are in the golden age of CPA.
It’s still easy to get in, it’s growing like a cash-rich tsunami, there are still huge profits to be made and it’s FAR from saturated.
CPA is what’s going to “unlock” your ability to…
  • Create a business “machine” that makes money while you sleep
  • Get up and finally tell your boss “I quit!”
  • Work just 2 or 3 hours a day and use the rest of the time to play golf!
  • Make more cash than your friends with less effort or stress!
  • Throw away your alarm clock and make your own schedule!
  • Start making money in as little as 2 weeks!
  • Not have to “hard-sell” a product to anyone!
  • Have a legit online business that’s quick & easy to start!
And I STILL Haven’t Even Gotten To The Best Part…
You don’t need…
  • Your own website
  • Your own product
  • Any experience
  • Sales skills
  • Tech skills
  • Loads of cash
  • To slave long hours
  • To specialize in a “niche”
  • To be seen as an expert
Introducing Hypersonic Commissions – The Done-For-Your „Next-Gen” CPA Business Incubator
These are the insider secrets that take regular guys like you and me and multiplies our cash-generating ability 100X instantly.
Secrets that put you on the same playing field as CEOs, tech startups, super affiliates and entrepreneurs who’ve been banking 6 and 7 figures for years already.
Hypersonic Commissions is our award-winning CPA training including:
  • 29 step-by-step training videos (6h of content)
  • 4 real life case studies
  • Mindmaps
  • Presentation slides
  • Handwritten notes
  • Research documents
  • Tested & high converting landing page templates in 37 different niche markets!
By the end of this course..
You’ll know our exact secret blueprint to select a hot offer, send millions of visitors to a high-converting landing page (for as low as 1 cent per click) and profit like a boss!
Learn how to setup laser-targeted & profitable PPV traffic campaigns in no time and conversion rates through the roof.

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