Udemy – The Ultimate Chakra Healing course [100% OFF]

udemy course - The Ultimate Chakra Healing course


In this course you’ll learn everything there is to know about energy anatomy and how to heal and rebalance your chakras in the most scientific way possible. (There are over 100 peer-reviewed studies in the course bibliography)

I studied esotericism and occultism for over 10 years. Most courses about chakra systems give the user an individual interpretation as well as providing some visualization techniques, promised as instant fixes. What those authors would prefer you don’t know is that, in order to obtain any lasting benefit, you must clear and heal your chakras repeatedly. Most users, after listening to and absorbing meditations, tend to believe that their work is finished. Their meditations and visualisations laying forgotten on their computer or phone.


That’s why in this course we’ll use secret and personal mantras that you’ll be able to repeat throughout the day to heal your chakras in the most convenient way possible.


The initial meditations designed to install the mantras are quite long, but they are intended to be a long-term investment. After you’ve listened to them three times, all you will need is to simply repeat the short mantra throughout your day. This is all you need to reap the amazing benefits of chakra healing


For example: if during the day you find yourself uninspired, you’ll simply repeat the third eye chakra mantra, and by association? you’ll open up yourself to divine inspiration.


Or as another example, if you find yourself being too hard on you that day, repeating the heart chakra mantra will activate the power of the heart chakra. This enables you to be filled with compassion for self.


Furthermore, you’ll be able to improve your confidence by repeating the third chakra mantra, as well as utilizing the second mantra to increase your creativity and sexual vitality.


You won’t need to re-listen to an hour long meditation to do it either. After the mantra is installed you can close your eyes, repeating the mantra for just 2-3 minutes, to reap all the amazing benefits.


As chakras were traditionally used as a tool for spiritual development; in this course I’ll teach you everything there is to know about spiritual enlightenment. You’ll learn what it is from a scientific perspective? and how to achieve it.


What’s more, this course will teach you the secrets of kundalini awakening which most gurus would prefer you didn’t know. It will teach you how to awaken your kundalini and what to do if you get kundalini psychosis,which is a very rare side effect of deep spiritual work, making sure we safeguard your health.


You’ll also learn everything there is to know about the human energy system.

–       You’ll learn what chakras symbolize

–       You’ll learn how to heal chakras using their mantras

–       And you’ll learn how to clear other peoples mantras


Through this course, you’ll also learn how to feel and heal your whole energy system.

Many have a difficult time achieving this. This is because they are numbed towards the subtle sensations in their bodies, due to the distractions of chronic tension and trauma elsewhere. This is why I’ve included a 300 page book (a separate course in of itself) that will teach you how to apply Reichian therapy, a form of body-based psychotherapy.  This approach removes chronic tensions in your body that prevent you from mastering your energy system. It will help you remove numerous psychological issues that keep you from living your life to the fullest.


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