Udemy – Public Speaking Presentation: Writing a perfect Speech [100% OFF]

Udemy – Public Speaking Presentation: Writing a perfect Speech [100% OFF]

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Course Description

Whether you’re a team leader, a teacher, sports coach, personal trainer, a lawyer or an entrepreneur, you probably often find yourself giving speeches and presentations. Being able to do this well can open numerous doors for your professional as well as personal development. But public speaking doesn’t begin on the stage – it begins at your desk. To give a breathtaking speech, you first have to write a breathtaking speech. This is what we will work on in this course.

Together we will go through all phases of writing a speech – you will learn the best techniques of doing research, structuring your ideas and thoughts as well as general principles of good writing. As always, everything is presented through vivid examples that make the learning easier and followed with diverse tips & tricks. The compulsory dose of humor included. This course is somewhat longer and more extensive than our other courses, which makes it all the more rewarding.

After this course you will be able to:

  • do topic research quickly and effectively
  • start a speech in a variety of attention-grabbing ways
  • present and brand yourself as a professional
  • explain concepts in a way everyone can understand
  • apply different strategies of writing 
  • apply important principles of good writing 
  • leave the desired impression on your audience
  • motivate your audience
  • convince your audience to take action
  • finish your speech in a way everyone will remember 
  • and much more

Remember, presentation skills are just that – skills. It doesn’t matter whether you’re good at it or not, nor whether you love doing it or not. If you are willing to invest some time and energy into developing those skills, you can give performances that will impress, inspire and entertain your audiences, while leaving a powerful, lasting impression. That is the guarantee by the Speech Making Academy.

If you are ready to do that, welcome aboard! Let’s get to work.


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